Whether you started trading shares online recently or have been trading for a loooooong time, we want to hear your story and share it with #TradeMyWay. Whether you are senior, grey and wise or young, spunky and nifty, or anything inbetween, we would love to know your most interesting and inspiring online trading story. If your inspiring story is selected for publication, you will receive R2 000 in cash! The overall winning story will win an extra R3 000 cash.


Tell us your most inspiring story related to online share trading in an email of no longer than 600 words. Your story must inspire others to start trading or continue trading with new ideas. It can also include an interesting lesson you've learned trading shares. Send your email to head@sanlamitrade.co.za.



If you haven’t traded with Sanlam iTrade before and want to try and replicate a trade that made an impact on you, or if you just want to try out our trading system, register for the iTradeGlobal Demo and do some demo trades. Go to www.sanlamitrade.co.za, click on the iTradeGlobal link and look for the Demo or go to this page.


1. Please also send us a good quality image of yourself depicting something about your story. We need both you and something crucial in your story depicted in one good quality image.

2. If you can send us a short video (not longer than three minutes), it will increase your chances of winning one of the prizes. We need the actual video file so we can edit if needed. You can also upload your video to YouTube and send us a link, along with the original video file. Use the hashtag #TradeMyWay.



We will select the 8 most inspiring stories and share them via the iSayiTrade Blog over 8 weeks. We will also share the stories regularly on our social media channels. We will start sharing selected #TradeMyWay stories from early February, but the closing date for entries is 28 February 2018.


  • The winners who provided the 8 selected stories published on #TradeMyWay will each receive R2 000 in cash.

  • The story that in our view enjoyed the most overall social media interaction will receive an extra R3 000 cash prize, so make sure you get active on social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

  • There will also be a lucky prize of R1 000 to the person who, in our view, made the best contribution on social media.