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Sanlam Private Wealth now provides clients with the option of a managed share portfolio for amounts smaller than R1 million, through the introduction of iManaged Portfolio now available via online trading platform Sanlam iTrade.


iManaged portfolio is an individual share portfolio, not unit trusts. The minimum investment is R200,000, and there is a maximum of 10 shares the portfolio to minimize trading costs, and a very small cash component. Individual shares are registered directly in the client's name, providing ownership and full JSE protection under the JSE Fidelity Fund.

Distinct from the bespoke personalised portfolio management offered by SPW to clients investing over R1 million, the iManaged portfolio are not individually-tailored, but are strictly managed according to model portfolio guidelines, giving clients access to the expertise, experience and excellent track record of the SPW investment team, led by Director of Investments, Alwyn van der Merwe.

A client may at any stage change his or her account status to self-manage the portfolio. There will be no cost to do this as the shares are already in the client's BDA Account with the JSE.




Objective: Above-average total returns (capital plus income) over an investment horizon of three years or more, by investing in quality shares on the JSE. Ideal investor: The long-term investor seeking concentrated equity exposure.

General Equity Portfolio Fact Sheet

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Portfolio Management fees are 1.5% per year, calculated monthly on the value of the portfolio. There is also a small R25 per month admin and custodian fee. Transaction costs are kept in line with iTrade’s low fee structure : Broking fees start at R75 basic charge plus 0.5% broking fee (excluding statutory levies and taxes). The fee scale drops to 0.4% for trades above R500,000 and to 0.35% above R1m. All fees and costs exclude VAT.

Introduction to Sanlam Private Wealth and the research process:

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All SPW portfolio managers and dealers closely follow this process. In turn, they are monitored by a dedicated, independent compliance department, which reports directly to the CEO. SPW operates under the very strict rules of the JSE and the Financial Services Board – this further serves to protect our clients' wealth.


Knowledge equals financial power; our rigorous research process knows exactly where to look. Amongst other sources, we use:

  • Institutional broker research reports
  • financial and investment information databases, including I-Net, Bloomberg, Telerate, Sanlam Investment Management research


Balance and diversity characterise our investment team of 34 portfolio managers (PMs), all with high levels of investment knowledge and expertise. Diverse qualifications, work experience, culture, and individuality of thought ensure robust investment views and strategies. Final investment decisions are made by the Investment Committee, comprising five of our most experienced PMs, together with the Director of Investments who is ultimately responsible for the SPW house view.


  • Challenging and robust weekly investment committee meetings, to monitor model portfolios
  • Daily meetings, to ensure the information we rely on is current
  • Daily snapshot of the markets in the last 24 hours
  • Equity valuation tool, covering more than 80 shares

In terms of shares, we prefer to invest in well-known companies which show:

  • Sound management principles and strong fundamentals
  • A history of sound financial performance and sustainability
  • A positive cash position, high payout ratio and high dividend yield
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