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Trade on more than 20 Global Exchanges

Trade Equities (EQ), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) on more than 20 exchanges worldwide. Trade from your desktop or your mobile. No app needed because the platform is designed in HTML5.

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Commissions differ from Exchange to Exchange. In general broking fees are 0.35%, minimum GBP 15 per trade. US Exchanges $0.03 (3 cents) per share, minimum $20.

So much for FREE

  • Live prices for all major European markets – Free
  • Advanced Charting with Technical Analysis Tools - Free
  • TradingFloor Technical Trade Views- Free
  • Comprehensive NewsEdge news - Free
  • Economic Calendar – Free
  • Market News – Free

Live price costs vary from market to market. Subscribe for free BATS Live Level 1 prices for most of Europe. US markets for example are generally $1 per month per market.

Click here for a full list of live price costs.

Inclusive Monthly Fees

Monthly fees include: Safe Custody fees, settlement costs, corporate actions and FREE live Level 1 prices for most of Europe.
  • iTradeGlobal OF (Own Foreign Allowance):For clients using their own foreign funds or foreign allowance. No SARB approval needed to use your R1m in travel allowance. To use your R10m per year foreign allowance, SARB approval needed.
  • iTradeGlobal AS (Sanlam Asset Swap):Clients can use Sanlam’s asset swap capability without getting SARB approval. Funds can only be repatriated back to S A. Useful for Trusts and Companies.

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Minimum investment R100,000
Own Foreign Allowance:
0.25% per year (± 0.021% p m) - calculated daily and levied monthly in arrears on the value of the offshore portfolio.

Sanlam Asset Swap:
0.5% per year (± 0.042% p m) - calculated daily and levied monthly in arrears on the value of the offshore portfolio

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Sanlam iTrade Online offer a 20-day free demonstration account with a simulated USD 100,000 fund to practice with, so you can try out market strategies and familiarise yourself with our platforms before you start trading for real. Click here to register.




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Existing iTrade clients:Log in to your iTrade account and click on "Register for iTradeGlobal" under "Trading & Portfolio".

New clients:Click on the link below to register for the first time.

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